Change is Possible

Want a deeper sense of meaning from life?  

Want increased confidence to be your authentic self? 

Want to discover and live out your purpose?   

Sometimes life experiences and external expectations make these desires seem out of reach. 

As your Life Coach and Transformation Partner, I promise you that they 100% within your reach!

My training and experience means that I can coach you around any concern however I specialise in the following areas that impact on both personal and professional lives.  


Self Awareness & Mindset

Have experiences caused you to doubt your worth, ditch your dream or feel like an impostor? Are you plagued by perfectionism? Is this silencing you, limiting you or frustrating you at work or in your personal life? 

This programme focuses on developing a deeper and holistic understanding of yourself.  I help you explore your underlying beliefs and thoughts. I also help you re-construct them to your advantage. 


By developing a winning mindset, you will begin to tap into your personal power  and handle situations confidently. 

Purpose & Direction

Found yourself on a path that you have not chosen, going in a direction you do not want to? 

Unclear about your passions and purpose in life?  Overwhelmed by the future, or other big unanswered questions? 

These sessions focus on clarifying your purpose, passion and values.  I help you strip these values back to the smallest possible unit that is actionable. 

By exploring your strengths, past successes you will develop the confidence you need to move your life forward in your chosen direction.

Sat on the Rocks

Life is nothing more than  

Up Till Now... and  

From Now On... 

Dean Del Sesto

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