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Roadmap to Purpose Part 1

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I spent a huge part of my life convinced that I didn’t have any purpose or passion. Or thinking that even if I did, I was not able to find it. This made me more and more anxious because I feared that if I didn’t find it in time, I would not have enough time to make a success out of it.

My coaching journey helped me understand that it was my fundamental beliefs about passion, purpose and success developed over many years (even from childhood) causing this negative thought spiral. With a lot of help, I was able to transform my thought patterns and I want to share what I found to be the roadmap to purpose.

A fundamental step in the roadmap is to examine your beliefs about passion, purpose and success.

What do these concepts really mean to you?

Where do you think this understanding or belief you have originates from?

I offer my own beliefs about these concepts as a starting point, but I encourage you to explore them further yourself.

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According to the dictionary, it is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. So, what are we created for? There is no way to answer this question without getting into beliefs about the origin of humans. As a Christian I believe that we are created by God and in his image for communion or relationship.

So, the simple answer to the question is: We are made for relationships! If this is the case, then we all have a PURPOSE because we all have an opportunity to nurture a relationship at any point in our lives. Then, if you unpack this further and think what we bring into relationships, our gifts, our talents, our strengths, our time etc. Even in business relationships, we bring something of value and there's a value exchange. We are always bring something, we have the choice to make it the best or of the highest value to those we are connected to.

If you are bringing the best of you into relationships (those you already have & those you actively create or nurture), then you are already living out your purpose.

This is GOOD NEWS because you don’t have to go looking for purpose, it is right there in your relationships.

I also believe that we are in God’s image and as children inherit traits from their parents, we also inherit traits from God. God’s core trait is to be creative, so I truly believe that every human is creative. We do this when we create something useful or beautiful to look or make something out of nothing or find a solution to a problem. Just take a look at children if you are ever in doubt of this. A child is always creating something, being curious about things takes great pleasure in presenting them to their parents.

Self-consciousness and constraints that life puts on us, often numbs our creativity as we grow older. Believe me, the spectrum of creativity is as broad as there are people and each of us is on there somewhere!


It is described as an extreme interest in doing something, a very powerful feeling associated with something. Take the passion in a new relationship, it is stronger at first and as you get familiar, it wanes. But when you recall the reasons why you fell in love and do certain things you can reignite that passion. And so, the cycle goes. Passion is within you; it just depends on whether it is activated or deactivated. These 3 keys are useful in activating your passion:

1. Know/Discover/Remember what you love

2. Do that thing consistently

3. Be open to explore other things, you might just love them

There should be a willingness to endure a degree of suffering for your passion, it’s not always going to be easy. This is actually another definition of passion. Passion is like a double-edged sword- it can give you great excitement but can cause you sleepless nights, cost you time and effort. This healthy perspective of passion helps me keep loving the activity, stay motivated and prepares me for both great and tough times.

I recently rediscovered my love for reading and writing and have deliberately been making time to do them consistently. Whenever I do them, I feel that positive surge of energy! At other times, I experience writer’s block or despair that my work is not as great as I want to be or push myself in many ways to get the content out.


This one has had many of us fooled for so long. Success is usually defined by achieving money, fame and status but that is not the only definition of success! It is simply accomplishing goals and aims we set for ourselves. Of course, wealth and recognition are great, and many are deserving of it, but ignoring the other aspect of success can cause us to miss out on harnessing its power. Most successful people we admire are able to achieve success in more than one area because success begets success. When you achieve one simple goal you set for yourself, recognise it as success, you get the boldness to set a bigger goal. You create code for success and apply it to many areas of your life.

After changing from a teaching career that I spent 15 years in, I struggled to see my successes because they didn’t translate to money, fame and status. This feeling kept me stuck for a time. Only when I began to see my successes clearly did I start believing that I could success in another career path.

Knowing that we all have a purpose gave me a renewed confidence in myself as I too had value to give. Digging deep helped me remember what I love doing and dedicate myself to pursue it. Reframing success as accomplishing my aims, gave me courage that I could repeat it. Transforming my beliefs about these 3 concepts have been life changing for me and I hope they can be that for you too.

Read Roadmaps to Purpose Part 2 to learn some practical applications of these new beliefs in your life.

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