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Roadmap to Purpose Part 2

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

In my previous blog, I shared about how transforming fundamental beliefs about purpose, passion and success is the first step on the roadmap to purpose. Applying these beliefs is the next step in the roadmap.

The application will differ from person to person and I have attempted to make it relevant to people at different stages in their lives. I believe most people fall into one of these 3 categories and here’s how the beliefs can help these different groups of people.


This first group of people are certain about the reason for their existence and the value they can give in their relationships (personal or business). Their certainty or purpose guides them and everything they do is geared in the direction of their purpose. The more they go in that direction, the more their passion grows. When this passion wanes, they know what to do to reactivate it.

For this group of people, having healthy beliefs about success is crucial. The world view of success is money, fame and wealth but it is not the only definition of success. Accomplishing what you have set out to do is also success and creates courage to set higher goals and succeed even more. Driven people need to be wary of ignoring this definition of success.

Another application point for the driven is around flexibility. Sometimes when we have gone in one direction for too long, we may fear that our strengths lie only in that direction. We like to fit into comfortable boxes with labels, but we have the freedom to explore the whole world and be more than one thing. The days of one job title are over; and who says that it should be only your main, income generating, job that gets a title?


This group of people feel confused and unable to identify what they believe their purpose is. Purpose and passion seem like mystical concepts to seekers and when they encounter driven people, their certainty can be intimidating.

For this group, I would encourage them to remember their core purpose is to connect and create which they are already fulfilling at the most basic level. Seekers need to look inward not outward to get their certainty of purpose. Pay attention to the value you bring to your relationships and be intentional to do so consistently. You will know what this is from the feedback people give you. Discover or remember what you enjoy doing and do it consistently. Be willing to explore new things – you just might end up loving them. Have a balanced view of passion, it is like a double-edged sword. The same thing that brings great excitement could also bring great stress. Ride it out.

One effective way of doing this is by keeping a journal of daily, weekly or monthly goals, activities, habits, highs and lows. In time, a trend with regards to your value and interests will emerge.


Some people don’t consider their purpose, passion or even level of success and just live life unaware. It has been described as sleepwalking through life. This is not meant in a derogatory sense as I myself have been in this category. Sleepers are often very busy people or focused on getting from one day to the next. A busy sleeper can be compared to someone who has a car in their garage but still walk everywhere because they don’t know that they can drive.

When you are unaware of your reason for existing, you cannot make the most of your existence. This is what makes us human so to be unaware of it, is to miss out on a great chunk of life. For this group, the starting point is Self-awareness.

This involves:

1. Making regular time for reflection, time to be alone with your thoughts and consider your activities and your emotions and what they are saying about you.

2. Develop your values, vision and goals. We can end up doing what others around us are doing because we have not developed our own values or goals.

3. Pursue learning and feedback- it leads to growth. Read, listen to a podcast, speak to friends, take strengths or personality tests and be open to feedback & new learning.

My FREE eBook Drive Your Life has practical tips on developing self-awareness which you can start using straightaway.

I have been in these three categories at different stages in my life. I was a sleeper for much of my late twenties. Long before that, I was a seeker who really became desperate in my late 30s. I am entering my 4th decade with new beliefs that now drive me forward towards purposeful living. I had a lot of help along the way and I am ready to help you too.

Book a free coaching consultation lets discuss how I can help you live out your purpose powerfully today.

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