Of the many numerous ways you have supported me, one that sticks out to me mostly for its audacious quality and subsequent return is when you believed in me and my business enough to encourage me to develop my business abroad by taking a trip there and begin selling my products to a waiting market. At the time, I never thought I could do it - step outside my comfort zone, raise the investment and take the trip where I delivered a half-day workshop and ended up selling 3 times (300%) my then monthly turnover. Thank you for your insight and for being a catalyst to my breakthrough in a foreign market.

I would highly recommend Oge as a coach because she threads her coaching with  compassion, wisdom and gentle guidance which many of us who have had previous life trauma need in order to brave new frontiers. Of course, it is also reliant on the recipient to take action.





With you, it is easy for me to discuss difficult and sometimes personal subjects. We have built a very good rapport though our personalities are very varied, we have gained an understanding.  While I have always considered myself, a go-getter, a problem solver, or mixer of purpose and skills, I have always struggled with acceptance. You helped me change my mindset. You helped me see how I could get through anything life throws my way. Our talks, and my acceptance of your words (which I viewed as sincere ) helped me pull through the feeling of rejections and acceptance of who I truly am.

I would recommend Oge as a life coach, because she possesses strengths in listening and learning and a sincere aspiration to help others re-focus, redirect.


Austin TX

You have been such a good listener and you create a safe environment which has enabled me to openly discuss difficult topics. You have asked deep questions that have helped me unlock doors that appeared difficult. Oge, you have really supported me in different ways. You have brought light to my general decision making without being judgemental.  You have clearly helped me to persevere through my career development always ensuring that I remain focused.  

I would certainly recommend Oge to others as a coach because her coaching style is effective and beneficial.



Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Independent Prescriber,


Our rapport is candid, exploring difficult subjects and respecting each other's boundaries but remaining honest and truthful on any subject matter discussed.  You were able to influence me to keep an open, positive and open mind about life generally without necessarily forcing your ideas on me. 

I would highly recommend Oge because she has very good listening ears despite me not taking a break or pause in conversations. She is gentle and always presents the other perspective.


Company Secretary


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